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Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Extra Bass Wireless Bluetooth PPS12 Drivers Over-Ear DJ Headphones Review

When deciding on a Top 5 Headphones of 2017 List, the Bluedio U Plus made the list as somewhat of a wildcard. There are a number of serious positive aspects and features of the Bluedeio U Plus, as well as a few drawbacks. However, considering the absolutely incredible sound quality these headphones provide for their price level, they had to be included in the list.

PPS12 Technology essentially combines three different drivers for treble and three additional drivers for mid tones and bass. This ensures that almost all frequency levels will be crisp, and you won’t run into any muddiness or unpleasant pitches. When the Bluedio U Plus say they’re extra bass, they really mean it. This aspect of the headphones is what truly makes the Bluedio U Plus shine. The design of the ear cups is quite cavernous, and will enhance the bass while also cancelling out any ambient background noise. For users who enjoy heavy bass music, these are certainly the headphones for you. All in all, you will be hard pressed to find a more rich bass sound at this price level.

The Bludeio U Plus ear cups are also able to be rotated backwards to to 180 degrees, and overall have a very firm, comfortable fit. However, these headphones are slightly heavier than your average pair of headphones, and if you are used to wearing lightweight headphones or only earbuds this may take some getting used to. If you’re the kind of listener who uses headphones for hours at a time or for most of the day, the Bluedio U Plus may be slightly too bulky. For 2-3 hours of listening however, you can’t go wrong.

On the bright side, the heaviness of the Bluedio U Plus comes from the fact that they are professionally constructed and extremely durable. You can expect to have these headphones perform consistently for many years of use, and they are certainly easy to travel with or use on the go. The battery life of the Bluedio U Plus is also worth mentioning as it lasts between 15-17 hours and can definitely perform for an entire day without any decrease in sound quality. For a pair of wireless headphones, this is certainly a major perk.

The controls of the U Plus are also easy to access, with 5 buttons being placed on the right ear cup. You can pause/play your music, increase or decrease volume, or switch tracks fairly easily. Nothing extremely complicated or unnecessary. In terms of wireless capability, the Bluetooth works seamlessly between your Bluedio U Plus and other devices. Pairing can be done quickly, especially to mobile devices, and the pairing range works up to 10 meters without any noticeable difference in connection strength.

Why You Should Buy The Bluedio U Plus Extra Bass Wireless Headphones:

  • You enjoy high performing headphones that really emphasize the bass

  • You want wireless headphones that connect quickly and have a strong connection range

  • Sound quality is the most important factor for you (seriously, these headphones are tough to beat when it comes to overall sound quality)

Why The Bluedio U Plus Extra Bass Wireless Headphones Might Not Be For You:

  • Your music/audio taste doesn’t include a lot of bass

  • You prefer lightweight headphones

  • You typically wear headphones for extended periods of time (5+ hours in a row)

Overall Impression:

The Bluedio U Plus Extra Bass Wireless Headphones are certainly not for every headphone user. However, for listeners who enjoy immensely high quality audio and an emphasis on the bass, these are the headphones for you. At a mid-range price level, it is truly difficult to find a pair of headphones that can deliver a better audio quality than the Bluedio U Plus. They may be heavier than the average pair of headphones and bass oriented, but the sound quality, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, and amazing battery life are certainly some perks worth highlighting.


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