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Apple Airpods In-Ear Bluetooth Headset Review 2017

When Apple Airpods came to market there was certainly a lot of hype behind the new and exciting (albeit strange looking) new Apple headset. Whether you’re a die hard Apple fan or prefer to shop elsewhere besides the premium brand, the Airpods are certainly an interesting piece of technology that needed to be examined by the team at

The most appealing aspect of the Airpods is obviously the complete lack of wiring and small size.  You can wear the Airpods and enjoy the wireless freedom when doing pretty much any task. Unlike many other earphones, the Airpods also fit extremely well and are quite comfortable. Between the lack of wiring and firm fit, you don’t need to worry about the Airpods falling from your ear at the first sudden movement. All in all, Apple truly created an easy to use product that does it’s job and does it well. If you have an Apple device, the Airpods will pair extremely easily, although the Airpods still work with Android or other devices.

The Airpods do have a surprisingly good battery life and will last up to 5 hours with one single charge. The Airpods also come with a charging case that holds additional charges that can let you enjoy your audio for more than 24 hours. If you’re stuck without any battery, the Airpods also charge extremely quickly. In only 15 minutes of charging, you can gain roughly another 3 hours of listening time. Yet again, the Apple Airpods are all about comfort, ease of use, and keeping it simple.

Where the Apple Airpod can seriously be critiqued is in overall sound quality. These earphones are not designed to provide high-end audio or deep, resonating bass. For their price, the Apple Airpods actually under perform in terms of sound quality. The open design concept that makes the Airpods so hassle free and flexible is also somewhat of the downfall. Ambient noise can leak in very easily, and there aren’t any audio interface controls that can let you adjust any settings.

Don’t get me wrong, the Airpods still sound good and are fairly well balanced. There is also a surprising amount of bass for a pair of wireless headphones as well. However, to truly enjoy the Airpods you really need to be in a quieter environment. Running on a busy street with these or listening to your music while in a crowded room may not result in the greatest user experience.

Why You Should Buy The Apple Airpods Wireless Bluetooth Headset:

  • You hate wired products and want an easy to use, flexible headset

  • You mostly listen to music/audio in a quiet environment

  • The battery life of the Airpods and short charging time is exceptional

  • The Airpods fit extremely well and are rather comfortable

Why The Apple Airpods Might Not Be For You

  • They are easier to lose than most earbuds/headsets (if you lose or misplace things easily, don’t buy these).

  • The AirPods do not sound good in loud environments

  • They look somewhat dorky (just an opinion)

  • For the money you can get wired headphones or earphones that sound better

Overall Impression:

It’s hard to assess if the Airpods have value or not. They’re the kind of product most users will either absolutely love or hate. What you gain in ease of use and freedom, you have to accept losing in sound quality. Other pairs of earphones or headphones at this price range undoubtedly sound better, although it will be difficult to find a product on the market that is as simplistic as Apple’s Airpods.

Overall, the Apple Airpods Wireless Headset was designed to be flexible, free, and simple. Apple certainly achieved those design goals. The Airpods are amazing for users who are willing to sacrifice a bit of sound quality for a minimalist headset. However, if wires or a bit of weight don’t concern you, your money may be put to better use in a different headset or pair of earphones that have higher sound quality and better noise cancellation.

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