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Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones Review

Beats have developed a reputation as being a premium headphone brand, and whether you are a Beats fan or skeptic of the brand, it can’t be denied that the Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones are at least worth considering during your search for the perfect pair of headphones.

The primary issue I have always had with Beats headphones is that while they are high quality headphones, they are always slightly overpriced (in my opinion…perhaps this is part of their plan to market Beats as a premium brand). In other words, a $300 pair of Beats will not usually outclass a $300 pair of premium headphones from another brand like Bose. However, while Beats headphones can be overpriced, they also frequently go on sale and that can make Beats a higher value option (at the time of this post, Beats Solo3 are on sale!!)

In terms of sound, the Beats Solo3 are more balanced than other Beats models which can be slightly bass heavier. They provide a high quality sound for high and low tones, and overall will provide an enjoyable audio experience for more genres of music or when watching videos. Despite being wireless, there isn’t any noticeable sacrifice in sound quality which is always important to consider.

Speaking of wireless capabilities, the Beats Solo3 pair extremely quickly and are very easy to use, even when switching between multiple devices. Whether you are an Apple or Android user, you should not have any difficulty with connecting your Beats Solo3 in a matter of seconds (you can even set it to pair automatically with your devices when in range). The wireless range is also strong and the battery life of the Solo3 is simply incredible. As advertised, the Solo3 has up to 40 hours of battery life, which is especially handy for those of you who frequently forget to charge your headphones after a day of use and still need them to perform the following day. The Beats’ Fast Fuel feature also brings the Solo3 up to three hours of battery life after charging for only 5 minutes, allowing you to recharge your headphones quickly when in a hurry.

The Beats Solo3 also allows you to take phone calls and manage music or audio settings via the multi-function on-ear controls. The Solo3 won’t adjust for ambient background noise during a call, which is a slight criticism, although for most settings the audio quality of the Solo3 is still high enough to take a call without difficulty. The Solo3 also comes included with a carrying case, and 3.5mm RemoteTalk cable, a universal USB chargin cable, and user guide.

The Beats Solo3 are rather comfortable and lightweight, and the leather ear cups fit very snugly. The headband also has a good fit, but is not so tight that the headphones are unwearable after prolonged use. Perhaps the most major criticism I can make of the Beats Solo3 is the slight lack in overall design/construction quality. Don’t get me wrong, the Solo3 are a decent pair of headphones, yet once again for the regular price of $299 you would generally expect a slightly higher level of quality. There are many plastic components on the Solo3, and while this does mean the headphones are lightweight, I always am slightly nervous when folding up my Beats and sticking them in my backpack. When you are in the premium price range for headphones, you typically expect a bit more reinforcement or metal design components. However, when the Beats Solo3 are on sale, perhaps this is an aspect that can be excused.

Why You Should Buy The Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones:

  • You want a pair of wireless headphones with an exceptional battery life

  • You want an overall balanced, high performing pair of headphones for a mid-level price range (when on sale).

  • You want a pair of wireless headphones that pair to your devices without technical difficulties

  • Lightweight headphones that are also very comfortable are what you’re looking for

Why The Solo3 Wireless Might Not Be For You:

  • They aren’t on sale at the moment (seriously, consider waiting for these to be on sale before buying)

  • You’d rather pay slightly more for a higher quality pair of headphones

  • You prefer bass heavy headphones

Overall Impressions:

It’s sometimes difficult to write what I view as a fair review of Beats headphones. Occasionally you’ll find a pair of Beats that reminds you why the brand is a premium maker of headphones, and other times you’ll be left disappointed or feeling as if you overpaid. When it comes to the Beats Solo3 Wireless, I truly believe they are a solid pair of headphones. Sound quality is very balanced, the headphones are lightweight and comfortable, and the battery life and Bluetooth simplicity of the headphones is incredible. Are these headphones worth $299? I wouldn’t say so. However, when on sale for prices like $219, I think the Solo3 are highly worth considering. If you’re looking for an excellent mid-range price of wireless headphones that will last for years if you take proper care of them, the Solo3 may be for you.

*Beats Solo3 Wireless also come in a variety of wonderful colors, such as citrus red, white, and rose gold/gold. If the Solo3 Wireless Black headphones aren’t on sale, consider shopping around for a variety of colors! You may find a sale!



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