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Senso Bluetooth Earphones – Sports Earphone Review 2017

Before we get started, I just want to say how much I absolutely love these earphones. Ill will try to keep this review impartial, but there is a reason why the Senso Bluetooth Headphones are the #1 rated Best Seller in the Bluetooth Cell Phone headset category on Amazon (proof). For anyone seeking a pair of headphones that can keep up with a busy and hectic lifestyle, look no further than Senso.

The number one problem with most earbuds is that the simply do not stay in your ears. Sesno ActiveBuds are ergonomically designed, flexible hooks that have the sole purpose of staying firmly inside your ear. The gel silicone material is comfortable, and is really the backbone behind what makes the Senso Bluetooth Earphones so fantastic. If you want these headphones to stay in your ear, they will. End of story.

Senso also stepped up their game with their sound quality. The Senso Bluetooth Earphones feature Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology (essentially they are up to date) and have a crystal clear sound quality, with deep bass and vibrant treble. They also have the ability to play surprisingly loud audio levels, which is handy if you want to drone out the terrible music most gyms seem determined to blast nowadays.

The Senso Bluetooth Earphones are also waterproof/sweat proof, and while I wouldn’t dunk them in a bucket of water you certainly won’t damage these headphones through physical activity. The battery life of Senso is also very appealing, with the lithium polymer battery lasting for up to 8 hours (while only requiring 1.5 hours to fully charge).

I was also pleasantly surprised when testing the Bluetooth components of the Senso Wireless Headphones. The V4.1 Wireless Technology connects easily to Bluetooth devices and can be paired to 2 devices at a time. Between the high sound quality, firm fit, and seamless Bluetooth Senso is really the perfect pair of headphones for any active audiophile.

What’s most impressive about the Senso Wireless Earphones is simply the sheer amount of value you obtain for your purchase. Headphones or audio equipment can often be overpriced, yet Senso earphones are generally a lower priced model of Earphones (especially if on sale) and provide immense value.

A carrying case, charging cable, 3 different sets of ear tips of various sizes, a cable management clip, dual port USB car charger, and a charging cable that is compatible with Apple and Android – that’s what comes included with the Senso Wireless Earphones. You also get a 1 year warranty, although Senso is sturdy enough and waterproof so the warranty is more of a kind gesture and probably won’t be needed.

So, is there anything negative about the Senso Wireless Earphones? They are certainly oriented towards active people, although they still sound incredible and are perfect for use at home or work. Perhaps the only thing that can be said of Senso is that you might want to reconsider buying them if active wear isn’t your cup of tea. These earphones are superb for runners and athletes, as well as every day people. However, if you prefer a more classic earphones look or prioritize comfort over audio quality or functionality, perhaps reconsider.

Why You Should Buy Senso Wireless Earphones:

  • These are the best pair of wireless earphones for people living an active lifestyle

  • Incredible sound quality, and amazing fit

  • An 8 hour battery life and easy Bluetooth pairing

  • The value you get for your money is impossible to beat in the world of earphones/audio equipment

Why Senso Might Not Be For You:

  • You absolutely hate earbuds (although Senso is still very comfortable, I understand that earbuds aren’t for everyone)

  • Earphones designed primarily for active use doesn’t fit your lifestyle

Overall Impression:

As I mentioned before, there’s a reason the Senso Wireless Earphones are a #1 bestseller on Amazon. The sheer amount of value you get with this purchase is somewhat ridiculous. Extremely high quality audio, comfort, a long battery life, and plenty of handy add-ons make Senso Wireless Earphones the obvious choice for anyone seeking a reliable, high performing pair of earphones.



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