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Sony MDR-XB50BS Wireless In-Ear Sports Earphones Review

When it comes to finding audio equipment that also functions as active wear, it can be difficult to find a pair of earphones that truly gets the job done. If you’re an athlete or active person, you probably understand the frustration of having an earbud fall out or having a wire tangle mid workout. There’s nothing worse than being interrupted when you’re in the zone, and it is therefore crucial that when shopping for the best pair of sports earphones, you review all the options.

The Sony MDR-XB50BS Wireless Sports Earphones are a mid-level range of earphones designed primarily for use during physical activity. Whether you run, weight lift,  or play a sport, the MDR-XB50BS might be the perfect sports earphones for you. Let’s break them down.

Sound Quality:

The MDR-XB50BS are Extra Bass Sports Earphones that have a rich bass quality (thanks to 12mm audio drivers) that is shockingly strong for a pair of mid-range earphones. These earphones pack a punch, and you don’t need to crank the volume to really hear your music. The treble is well balanced, and the MDR-XB50BS have well separated frequency ranges and are very well rounded earphones despite being marketed as Extra Bass Earphones. Overall, the sound quality is quite pleasant, and if you love heavy bass tunes while working up a sweat, the MDR-XB50BS Sports Earphones are right up your alley.

Comfort and Durability:

Having freedom and flexibility in your sports headphones is crucial, and the compact nature of te MDR-XB50BS make these very athlete-friendly earphones. The last thing you need is a wire getting caught or earbud dropping out when you’re in the middle of a game or workout. In terms of comfort, the earbuds are designed to fit tightly in your ear in order to avoid falling out at all cost, and they succeed at this task. The plastic material isn’t too harsh, and considering these are sports earphones, they are rather comfortable. The wrap around headband is also lightweight and hardly noticeable, and the MDR-XB50BS has a tight fit that remains comfortable.

Personally, I’ve never had any issues with the durability of my MDR-XB50BS Earphones. However, several other reviews I have researched have had customers complain that the volume button has fallen off their earphones. Now, I can only speak for my own experience with the MDR-XB50BS. I have enjoyed these earphones during many workouts and runs, and even after being tossed in a sports bag, I’ve never experienced any damage or wear. I believe these are solid, well constructed headphones, although considering the few customer complaints I have come across, a degree of caution is warranted.

If you are prone to destroying technological devices (like me), or just chuck your earphones in a bag, maybe shy away from the MDR-XB50BS. However, for the average athlete who loves a little extra bass in their sports earphones, read on!

Features and Use:

As the MDR-XB50BS are wireless headphones, Bluetooth connectivity and Smartphone compatibility are the number 1 priority to get right. The MDR-XB50BS pair very easily to any Smartphone device, and the audio signal strength is strong. I’ve never experienced audio cutting off or audio fading, and you can set your phone down several feet away while you exercise. Overall, it’s just solid, straightforward Bluetooth at its best.

However, my favorite feature of the MDR-XB50BS Sports Earphones is the waterproof design. These are actually the only waterproof model in the MDR lineup, and the splash-proof design is essential for any athlete. The battery life of the MDR-XB50BS is also well above most earphones, allowing 8.5 hours of music playtime. If you’re planning an especially long workout or day of activity, these are the perfect pair of sports earphones.

The in-line microphone is also a nice added design feature, allowing for hands free calling that won’t interrupt your workout or movement. Overall, the MDR-XB50BS are designed with athletic performance in mind and do an excellent job at keeping your hands and body free.


For a mid-range level of earphone, the MDR-XB50BS are definitely a solid model. It’s difficult enough to find extra bass earphones that maintain high audio quality and a balanced tone, let alone ones that are also designed for athletes. Considering the MDR-XB50BS are also waterproof, these are a reliable pair of sports earphones that will also last an entire day thanks to a beefy battery life. For a reasonable price, the MDR-XB50BS are a complete package pair of sports performance earphones.

Why You Should Buy The Sony MDR-X5B0BS In-Ear Sports Earphones:

  • You’re an active person who needs hands free, well fit earphones designed for fitness use.

  • You like extra bass and strong audio.

  • Waterproof, comfortable design is a plus for you.

  • You want a battery that will last the entire day.

Why The Sony MDR-X5B0BS Might Not Be For You:

  • You prefer headphones or don’t have a need for active wear.

  • Extra bass isn’t your thing.

Overall Impression:

Nailing all of the right features while remaining modestly priced, the Sony MDR-X5B0BS are a solid pair of earphones designed with the athlete in mind. With extra bass and balanced tone, waterproof design, and a tight fit, you can rely on the MDR-X5B0BS to hold up during your workout and provide a high quality audio experience. Additionally, with an above average battery life of 8.5 hours, you can enjoy using your MDR-X5B0BS after the gym, blasting your music for the entire day. All in all, these are certainly a solid pair of sports earphones.




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