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Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II Floorstanding Speaker Review

Perhaps one of the world’s most renowned manufacturers of home and automobile speakers, Polk has always been a trusted fan-favorite of many audiophiles. Portable or compact speakers can be nice, but there’s certainly something to be said for a floorstanding speaker. Power, reliability, and performance: these are just some of the attributes you can expect from the premium model Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II.

Now, let’s breakdown this speaker and see how it ranks.

Sound Quality: 

I always enjoy testing and reviewing floorstanding speakers, and the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series II is no exception. Floorstanding speakers just have more power and more audio components that are worth mentioning compared to your average pair of earphones or headphones. After all, just look at the size of this thing!

The Polk Series II truly packs a punch in terms of audio, yet this speaker is not overpowering. 6.5 inch composite dynamic balance drivers inside the Polk Series II are both lightweight and have superb bass tones and lower distortion. Additionally, the balanced drivers excel at dampening, making them both efficient and clear in sound.

The Polk Series II also has multiple smaller drivers that are designed to support mid ranged and a more detailed bass quality. Essentially, the combination of dynamic balanced drivers and smaller support drivers provide a three dimensional, high quality audio experience. The drivers are also arranged in a 2-1 design, or cascade tapered array. What that means is both drivers play bass frequencies, but only the upper driver plays mid range or high frequencies. This allows for optimal bass output and a more balanced, detail mid/high range.

I should also mention the Polk non-resonant enclosure is made with 3/4 inch panels and are padded with internal braces, ultimately ensuring a crisp and clean sound that is quite lifelike. Combining this design with the 1-inch polymer Dynamic Balance dome tweeter (the part of the speaker that produces the highest range of frequencies), you can expect incredibly detailed high responses. All in all, the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Series has deep bass, a balanced mid-range, and crisp, realistic high frequencies that will impress any audiophile. Needless to say, sound quality is truly where this floorstanding speaker shines.


Another aspect of floorstanding speakers that I enjoy is their simple yet effective nature. The Polk 70 Series II weighs 47 lbs and is 15.6 X 7.7 x 42 inches, making it a fairly hefty piece of audio equipment. Despite the height, the Polk 70 Series II is incredibly stable, and once set up in a room or venue, you won’t have to worry about it tipping over. For what it’s worth, Polk speakers are also manufactured in the United States, and for some potential buyers that may be a selling point.

The side and back panels of the Polk 70 Series II are thick enough to be sturdy without dampening sound. You can easily transport this speaker, and it can take a bit of bumping around (not too much though) and remain intact from my experience. If you rarely have to move this speaker however, there’s really nothing to worry about when it comes to durability.


Most floorstanding speakers are relatively straightforward in nature, and this is true for the Polk 70 Series II. This speaker is designed to get the job done, and that’s it. Other than an owners manual and warranty, there’s nothing else included in the shipping. However, if you are a US resident you might qualify for free shipping which is always a plus!


In terms of sound quality, the Polk 70 Series II is an incredible purchase. Polk is renowned for being a quality manufacturer of audio equipment, and the mix of dynamic and supportive drivers, as well as the dynamic balance tweeter provide a rich and lifelike audio experience. This speaker can fill a room, but you’ll never find the audio quality overpowering. For a mid-ranged price, you really can’t find a better sound quality or performance than the Polk 70 Series II.

Why You Should Buy The Polk Audio Monitor Series 70 II Floorstanding Speaker:

  • This speaker remains modest in price, yet is reliable and produces incredible, balanced sound.

  • A mix of dynamic and supportive drivers provide a truly lifelike sound quality.

  • This speaker will last: with solid back and side panels and solid Polk construction, you can’t go wrong.

Why The Polk Series 70 II Might Not Be For You:

Overall Impression:

The technology that went into designing the Polk Series 70 II is what truly makes this floorstanding speaker an excellent buy. Rich bass and crisp high/mid-range tones make this one of the most balanced and high performing mid-priced speakers on the market. While there may not be a lot of bells and whistles with the Polk Series 70, this speaker excels at what it’s designed for: providing an immensely rich and lifelike audio experience.


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