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Unique Father’s Day Gifts: Cool Gift Ideas For Dad

With Father’s Day just around the corner, you might be feeling like it’s crunch time for finding the perfect Father’s Day gift. After all, Dad’s are awesome, and it’s always nice to show appreciation once in a while. If you’re having trouble finding the right Father’s Day gift, don’t fret; we’ve got you covered. If your dad is a music lover or has an affinity for quirky, fun gifts, this list might help you out.

Let’s take a look at some unique Father’s Day gift ideas that will make any music-loving dad smile.

Vintage Record Coasters by Vinylux

Vintage Record CoastersIf you are looking for a Father’s Day gift that is both practical and affordable, vintage record coasters might be up your alley. This set of 6 vinyl records are manufactured from real vinyl LP records with original labels and sealing. The record coasters are 4 inches across, and are overall quite functional and durable. You can choose vintage records from a wide range of artists, bands, music styles, or label colors to match your dad’s musical preferences or favorite colors! Each order is also gift wrapped at checkout, so you’ll be receiving quite the handy gift box in the mail! Overall, these vintage record coasters by Vinylux make for the perfect retro gift for Father’s Day!

Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player 3-in-1 Classic Turntable

What could go better with a pair of vintage record coasters than a vinyl record player? The Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player is an nostalgic looking record player, spiced up with modern technology and flexibility. With a classic wooden veneer cabinet design, the Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player is an aesthetic piece of audio equipment. Despite the retro design, the Electrohome Winston Record Player has everything a modern music lover needs.

Vinyl records, CDs, AM/FM radio, and a 3.5mm auxillary input cable allow you to listen to your favorite tunes the way you want. The built-in stereo speakers and the wooden acoustic cabinet help provide a solid audio experience, and the sapphire tipped ceramic needle will produce a warm tone without damaging your records. All in all, the Electrohome Winston Vinyl Record Player 3-in-1 Classic Turntable is the perfect unique gift idea for Father’s Day. Check out pricing and availability here!

Senso Bluetooth Sports Earphones

Senso Bluetooth Sports EarphonesIf your dad enjoys the outdoors or any kind of physical activity, I’d definitely recommend taking a look at the Senso Bluetooth Sports Earphones. Until you’ve tried a pair of earphones specifically designed for sports performance, it’s difficult to describe how incredible they truly are. The Senso Bluetooth Sports Earphones are waterproof, have an immensely long battery life, and can pair seamlessly with your smartphone. The cord free flexibility, coupled with amazing sound quality and design, makes the Senso Bluetooth Sports Earphones a sure success for a unique Father’s Day gift. You can read a more comprehensive review of the Senso Bluetooth Sports Earphones here!

Electric Guitar 24 oz Stein Beer Mug

Electric Guitar 24 oz Etched Glass Stein Beer Mug with Handle Music Band Singing Dancing Bass Drums Musician Rock FolkDoes your dad love music? Does he like beer? Well, if the answer is yes, an electric guitar etched stein beer mug may be the perfectly unique Father’s Day gift idea you’re searching for. The mug is dishwasher safe, and the guitar etching won’t fade over time like print screening because every etching is hand done. If your dad isn’t a fan of beer, the seller also carries mason jar mugs and flasks as well, so be sure to check out their listings!


JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

It can be tricky to find a speaker that has the right mix of sound quality and portability. However, the JBL Xtreme has the perfect mix of compact size with audio power. Whether you’re planning on hosting some summer barbecues or having guests over, a good speaker is always nice to have on hand. For a Father’s Day gift idea that is sure to impress, definitely check out the JBL Xtreme Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker. Read more of our comprehensive review here!

So there you have it! Hopefully this list of unique Father’s Day gift ideas can help you get started on finding the perfect gift for your dad! Whether your dad is a hardcore audiophile or just likes to dabble in music once in a while, music themed gifts can always be a great gift option that’s worth considering. Thanks for reading! Hopefully, the search for the perfect Father’s Day gift goes a bit easier thanks to this list.



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