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Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones Review

We’ve featured a number of sports earphones/headphones on and that’s for good reason. It can be difficult to find a pair of earphones that can keep up with your workout, and the last thing you want is to feel frustrated or restricted when exercising. Whether you’re a high performance athlete or someone who simply enjoys being active, having the right pair of earphones can make or break a workout.

If you’re not a fan of dropping hundreds of dollars on a pair of earphones but still want hassle-free earphones, you should definitely take a look at the Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones.

Sound Quality:

The Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones are not high-end earphones, and I won’t lie in my review and say these earphones have top of the line audio quality. However, for a bargain buy they definitely go a long way and were a pleasant surprise. The Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones have a strong bass quality and have overall clear high and low tones. For cheap wireless earbuds, the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones are surprisingly crisp, and can also crank up their volume to a decent level.

What makes the Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones sound like a more expensive pair of earphones is largely due to their tight fit. These earbuds will stay in your ear, end of story. The ear-hook design, coupled with the fitted rubber earbuds makes these earphones reliable and enjoyable. You won’t have a truly surround-sound experience with the Otium Wireless Sports Bluetooth Earphones, but that isn’t what these are designed for. These earphones get the job done, have a balanced sound tone, and are extremely affordable.

If you want to check out a pair of sports earphones that are also very moderately priced but have a better sound quality, check out our review on the Sony MDR-XB50 Wireless In-Ear Sports Earphones or the Senso Bluetooth Sports Earphones!

Comfort and Durability:

I mentioned the tight-fitting earbuds and the ear-hook design, but let’s talk about comfort. The overall design of the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones is sleek, and these are not a bulky pair of earphones by any means. Your order (if you buy from Amazon) will also come with 2 additional pairs of earbud tips, so you can be sure that you’ll have the right fit with Otium earphones. While these earphones are inexpensive, they don’t feel extremely cheap. The ear-hook doesn’t irritate me whatsoever, and I don’t feel as if there’s a plastic cage wrapped around my head. The Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones are lightweight, sleek, and simple.

Like any good pair of sports earphones, the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones are sweat proof and made with IPX7 sweat proof coating. Whether you’re running, working out, or hiking, these earphones should hold up without a problem. Just remember, these are sports-specifically designed earphones, and are meant to be used during performance. There’s nothing wrong with using Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones outside of the active world, but I wouldn’t recommend it. These are solid earphones, but when it comes to listening to music at home or work, I’d certainly prefer a comfortable, more impressively sounding pair of headphones.

Features and Use:

The most notable feature of the Otium Sports Bluetooh Earphones has to be their superb Bluetooth. The downfall of many sports earphones is often a short Bluetooth range. After all, what’s the point of going wireless if you’re still chained to your phone? With a Bluetooh range of 30ft in open space and 10ft in a crowded area, the Otium Sports Bluetooh Earphones get it right. You won’t have to worry about losing connectivity with these earphones, and the pairing process is also extremely simple. You can quickly connect up to 2 devices to your Otium Earphones, and use either Apple or Android devices without difficulties.

The battery life of the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones is also on par with the industry standard, and will provide up to 8 hours of music. The charging time is quick, and your battery status is automatically updated on your phone screen. The built in microphone also allows you to take phone calls, and you’re given a voice notification when there’s an incoming call. The microphone isn’t mind blowing, but it’s enough to get through a call without issue even in a noisy environment (like the gym).

Another great feature of the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones is the ability to skip, pause, or play tracks without having to use your phone. Skip and play/pause buttons are on the earphones themselves, so you can truly enjoy wireless freedom and ditch your phone.

Overall Value:

There’s a reason why the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones are a top seller on Amazon and one of the best affordable active wear options. Nothing about these earphones is the best money can buy, but that isn’t the point. These are solid, well balanced earphones that provide all the features an active audiophile needs without draining your wallet. There really aren’t any weak points of the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones, and they are a perfect pair of sports earphones for someone trying to save some money.

Why You Should Buy The Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones:

  • You want to get the best value for your money.

  • You only want to use these earphones during your active sessions/workouts.

  • You want wire free, simple to use earphones that get the job done.

  • You need wireless earphones with a superb Bluetooth range.

Why The Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones Might Not Be For You:

  • You want a pair of earphones that are great for use at home or work as well as the gym.

  • You need a higher sound quality/better overall performance.

  • You aren’t an active person.

Overall Impression:

If you’re looking for a value buy, there really isn’t a better option than the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones. These are sleek earphones that have a decent sound quality and plenty of handy features, making them a great pair of sports earphones. They might not have the best sound quality in the industry, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a more reasonably priced pair of sports earphones than the Otium Sports Bluetooth Earphones.

Thanks for checking out our review! Be sure to check back for more frequent reviews, and best of luck in your search for the best pair of sports earphones!


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