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Polk Audio T50 Home Theater Speaker Review

If you’re anything like me, having a high quality of sound is very important to you no matter where you may be. Granted, having a stellar pair of headphones or earbuds is great when you’re on the go or at work, but what about in the comfort of your own home? Some people still enjoy using headphones or earbuds while relaxing at home, but for me, there’s nothing more satisfying than kicking back at the end of the day, putting on a movie or favourite album, and having the sound magnificently projected through a home theatre system. That’s where the Polk Audio T50 Home Theatre and Music Floor Standing Tower Speaker truly shines.

Polk Audio T50 Home Theater and Music Floor Standing Tower Speaker (Single, Black)

Sound Quality:

Polk has always maintained a tradition of providing superb sound quality, and this can almost be thought of as the Polk ‘mission statement.’ No bells, whistles, or unnecessary frills with Polk; just incredible sound quality. The Polk Audio T50 is part of the T-Series speaker, and features premium acoustics and quality. The T50 has a 1-inch silk dome tweeter, one 6.25-inch extended throw composite driver, and two 6.5-inch front-firing sub bass radiators. This allows for a balanced sound profile with crystal clear highs, smooth middles, and a resonating bass that is rich and powerful if you wish. The construction of the T50 Speaker itself is high in quality, and the MDF cabinet helps to reduce unwanted resonance, muffling, and distortion of sound that can be a problem with lower end speakers or home systems.

I will say that the T50 does lend itself better to lower ranges and bass than higher end notes, but this is just a nitpicking observation. The Polk T50 is an excellent option for an entry-mid level home theater system, and the sound quality is certainly one of the main selling points for this system. With the Polk T50, you can easily relax to crystal clear audio and enjoy your favorite movie, t.v. show, or album in peace.

It should also be noted that the T50 is a model of speaker in the T Series. If you’re looking for a bookshelf speaker or center speaker, it could be worth checking out the T15 and T30. Perhaps a SoundSystemReview for those models is coming soon!


While durability isn’t as much of a concern with floor standing speakers as with headphones or earbuds, I still like to touch on the topic. I’ve had a friend knock over my personal floor standing speaker on more than one occasion, and it’s nice to know that the home theater system you’re buying will actually last (without burning out or being damaged).

The Polk T50 Home Theater Speaker is 7.75 x 8.75 x 36.25 inches and weighs 20.35lbs. The Polk T50 is a decent size, which allows it to easily fill a room and pack quite a punch for a home theater system. The weight isn’t too heavy to be a nuisance or be unmanageable, so you can easily position and adjust the Polk T50 as needed.


One of the best aspects of the Polk T50 is simply how easy it is to use. This T-Series Home Theater System has a quick setup time, and the design is compatible with essentially any home theater AV receiver. I cannot imagine the frustration one might have if they bought a brand new home theater system, brought it home, plugged it in, and then discovered it was incompatible with the rest of the audio/visual setup. The Polk T50 avoids this issue altogether, and is an incredibly user-friendly system.

Besides that, there aren’t any features to really touch on. Remember, no bells and whistles with Polk, just incredible sound! In terms of specs and recommendations, here is what you’re looking at:

  • 20-100 Watts/Channel (recommended)

  • 150 Watt peak power handling

  • 6 ohms nominal impedance

  • Bass radiator enclosure type

  • Overall frequency of 38Hz-24kHz


Buying a home theater system can sound like a daunting and expensive task, and it certainly can be! But before getting into high-end, luxurious home theater systems that can run a couple of grand or more, there’s still plenty of excellent quality and value to be found in entry-mid level home theater systems. The Polk T50 provides fantastic sound quality and performance, remains easy to use, and is extremely affordable (around $130 at the time of writing this review!) In terms of sheer value, it’s hard to find a good floor standing speaker that can contest the Polk T50 at this price range.

Why You Should Buy The Polk T50 Home Theater Speaker:

  • You are looking for an affordable option for a home theater speaker.

  • Sound quality is everything; you don’t need bells and whistles.

  • You want something that is user-friendly and won’t have technical difficulties

Why The Polk T50 Might Not Be For You:

  • You’re looking for something a little more high-end.

  • You want something with more features (bluetooth pairing, more user options, etc.)

  • You’re a headphone/earphone junky for life! (Nothing wrong with that!)

Overall Impression:

When it comes to finding value, sound quality, and traditionally spectacular performance, Polk is always a safe bet. The T50 sounds great, is affordable, and is user-friendly. There’s really nothing bad that can be said about this home theater system!

If you’re looking for another Polk system that will truly bring your home audio experience to another level, check out our review on the Polk Audio Monitor 70 Floor Standing Speaker!




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