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Have you ever tried shopping for headphones/audio equipment online? The sheer amount of options on the marketplace can be daunting, and often times it is difficult to buy audio equipment that meets your needs. Online retailers have too many products, and many review sites are often swamped with an abundance content/ad space and care more about search engine ranking than helping the consumer.

That’s why our team created

We believe that the best kind of reviews actually HELP you select the right audio equipment for your specific needs. That’s it.

Here’s how we accomplish our goal:

  1. We examine the industry leaders and top products in each category of audio equipment.
  2. We purchase every product reviewed on and ACTUALLY USE THEM.
  3. After several days of use and testing a variety of audio input/music genres, we review a product.
  4. We keep our reviews simple.

That’s it. We really can’t stress number 4 enough. Most review sites have articles with thousands of words simply to boost search engine ranking and generate more traffic. But do you really need a 5000 word article to decide if a pair of headphones is right for you? We don’t think so.

Our reviews will always be kept straightforward and to the point, and evaluate just 4 criteria to asses if a pair of headphones, earphones, or any audio equipment is the right buy for you.

The Big 4:

  1. Sound Quality
  2. Comfort & Durability
  3. Features & Use
  4. Value

That’s our process. We do the digging through thousands of top rated products so you don’t have to, and our reviews are kept short and simple to make a purchasing decision (or the decision to hold off buying) more efficient. In the end, our mission is truly to help you find the best product that meets your needs.

Hopefully our reviews can assist you in finding the perfect pair of headphones or audio equipment to satisfy your needs. If you’ve found this website to be helpful, consider sharing! Perhaps you know of someone who could use a little help in shopping for their audio needs.