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The Best of Sony:

Sony is a Japanese corporation that is a global leader in the manufacturing of consumer electronics. Perhaps one of the most well known earphone/audio device brand, Sony earphones are always a reliable option for anyone seeking to buy the perfect pair of earphones. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or for premium models, Sony will always have earphone options that can meet the needs of any target audience.

Let’s take a look at some of the best earphone models from Sony:

Sony In-Ear Dynamic EarphonesSony In-Ear Dynamic Earphones MDR-X5B0 (Read Full Review) – Affordable and powerful, the MDR-X5B0 are quite an impressive earphone model from Sony. With powerful bass and crisp audio quality, the MDR-X5B0 are some of the highest quality earphones on the market for under $50. Definitely keep an eye on the MDR-X5B0 if you’re looking for a great value buy! Check out pricing and availability here, and make sure to read our comprehensive review!



Sony MDR-X5B0BS Sports EarphonesSony MDR-X5B0BS Wireless Sports Earphones (Read Full Review) –  With extra bass, waterproof design, and hands-free flexibility, the MDR-X5B0BS are a superb pair of earphones designed with athletics in mind. If you’re an athlete looking for a well balanced pair of sports earphones that also have an amazing battery life, consider the Sony MDR-X5B0Bs! Check out pricing and availability here, and read the rest of our comprehensive review!